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Who Offers Tree Removal in Omaha, Elkhorn & Millard, NE?

Champion Tree will leave your property looking its best

Dead trees aren’t the only ones that need to be removed. There are times when trees may be affected by age, disease and weather should be taken away to leave your landscape looking its best.

Champion Tree LLC offers tree and shrub removal in the Omaha, Elkhorn & Millard, NE area.

We remove all types of trees and shrubs. Proper rigging practices ensure the protection of your home and landscaping while the process takes place. We also use Alturnamats to prevent tire tracks and grass damage on your property.

Call 402-612-3451 today to schedule tree removal in Omaha, Elkhorn & Millard, NE and the surrounding area.

5 worthwhile reasons to schedule tree removal

If you’re wondering if a tree should be removed, our arborist can make an assessment about its health or the health of the trees around it. There are various signs you should have a tree removed, including:



  1. Extensive damage from a storm
  2. Damaged roots
  3. Extensive rot or decay
  4. Evidence of a disease or fungus
  5. Interference with nearby power lines

If you want to discuss what is in the best iterest of your tree and property, please don't hesitate to contact our arborist about tree and shrub removal in

Omaha, Elkhorn & Millard, NE by contacting Champion Tree today.