What time of year can I prune my trees?

Any time of year is okay to prune trees with the exception of American Elms and some oak varieties. These two types of trees will need to be pruned after the first hard freeze. This window of time is generally October 31st to March 15th. Trimming outside of this window can open the door to deadly fungal diseases. If you are unsure of your tree species, contact us and we will offer guidance.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept checks by mail, in person, and online. We also offer online credit card payments with an additional 3% processing fee.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

Every tree is different and situational. Factors such as overall size and the location of the tree play a big factor in cost. The amount of material to haul and "man hours" spent on a project is also a consideration.

I have a stump that I need ground out. Can you take care of that?

We work closely with one of the best stump grinding technicians in the area. By hiring someone who only grinds stumps, you will get a more thorough grind, which will eliminate surface roots and make for a more usable space once the stump has been removed. Tree companies that offer grinding along with their tree service rarely grind stumps as thorough as they should which is why hiring a separate stump grinding contractor is recommended.

My tree's health seems to be in decline. How do I make the correct decision on whether to prune it or remove it?

After a tree evaluation, we can determine what is wrong with the tree and then create a plan that makes sense based on your needs and the tree's needs. We provide a long term outlook of the tree and offer a cost analysis on what the tree may cost to maintain in the long run versus short term plans.

What does it cost to have an arborist evaluate my tree?

Our favorite word..... FREE. Champion Tree has never charged for an evaluation or an estimate. Most of the time we can stop out, evaluate, and give you our opinion over the phone. If you want to meet in person, we can schedule an appointment and go over the tree together. We enjoy meeting with clients.

Is Champion Tree licensed and insured?

We are licensed through the City of Omaha and certified through the Nebraska Arborist Association. We carry a $1M liability policy and workers comp on employees. Just because a company is licensed and insured does not necessarily mean they carry comp on individuals working on the job site. In the event of personal injury on your property, a contractor that doesn't carry the proper comp insurance on their workers is technically not held liable because workers are considered independent contractors. The liability would then fall on the homeowner. The reason some companies do this is to keep the large overhead expense of worker's comp off the books. This is a loop hole that is more common than one would think and should be addressed prior to any work being completed on the property. We are proud of the extra step that we take to protect our customers. To verify that an arborist is licensed, asking them to see a copy or a quick google search of "City of Omaha list of license arborists" will point you in the right direction.

The tree of concern is in my backyard. Can you still prune or remove it?

Trees can be removed in low access areas by climbing. We have skilled arborists that can work on your trees in some of the most inaccessible areas.

What happens to the tree debris once it leaves my property?

The debris is ground by the mulch providers around the city and is repurposed as mulch. The mulch is then installed to provide moisture control and weed management to trees and landscapes throughout the city.

My tree was written up by the city for code violations. Do you know how to bring my tree up to city code?

We are highly experienced in city code trees. Generally, the trees need to meet city code requirements for elevations over the street and sidewalks. Large/hazardous deadwood is also a concern. We guarantee that code requirements will be met upon completion of a tree in violation.